"What's Wrong with
Our Kids, Anyway?"

      Recently, I was talking to my son about my latest writing project. He said, "Dad, what do you expect to accomplish with this book?"
      I was shocked that he asked such a deep, thought-provoking question. My boys generally ask things such as, "Dad, can I borrow five dollars?" (If you have been a parent very long, you know that the word borrow has a different connotation than it did when we were kids. It now means, "Thanks, Dad-say goodbye to your money.")
      Since Caleb asked a serious question, I thought I would give him a serious answer. I said, "Parents today are called the 'lost generation' because we have lost the tools to develop capable, responsible, self-reliant children. I want to help 'lost generation' parents become good parents."
      Without even thinking, my son said, "Dad, bad parents don't buy books."

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